artweek2This year we’re going to give some focus to the creative skills that pass through the campsite by organizing an arts & crafts themed week at Camp Full Monte (16th to 21st June), with a focus on reuse, reduce and recycle wherever possible – to continue to bang our green drum!  And the week will culminate with an exhibition and party on Midsummer’s Eve.

We have a good selection of arts and crafts materials on site that rarely get used: acrylics, watercolors, body paints, glass/ceramic paints, pens, crayons, charcoal, and a variety of decorative crafting materials – we have it all. So this year we thought we’d have a themed week to inspire the creative side of visitors and friends.  We hope to attract some new faces to the campsite amongst the local population too.  We hope the sunshine and natural surroundings inspire folk to come along and create.

Although we see the week unfolding organically and arty stuff happening as & when we, our visitors and our talented facilitators are available and inspired, we are trying to target a few days for focused events.

Blue Fish by Grace Watson-Lane

Blue Fish by Grace Watson-Lane

Monday 16th June will be “Young Art” day.

We’re inviting friends and locals to bring their kids along and give them a chance to exercise their creative side. If we can get the kids to loan us their masterpieces we’ll include some of the work produced in an exhibition on the 21st. We’ll ask for a donation of €3 to cover the cost of any materials used and suggest folk bring a packed lunch and drinks to a picnic with us in the sun.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Wednesday 18th June will be “Life Drawing” day.

Local artist, art teacher and dear friend Nikola Curcin has offered to run an “Introduction to Life Drawing” class at the campsite.  We’ll have people on-site happy to model but also hope that we may attract volunteers who want to spend some time topping up their all-over tan whilst reading a book and being drawn!  Nikola will provide all the necessary materials but will ask for a €5 donation to help cover the costs.

Summer Solstice Party & Exhibition – Saturday 21st June.


Midsummer’s Day will mark the end of Art week at Camp Full Monte this year. What a great excuse for a party and an opportunity to exhibit some of the work produced during the preceding week! We’re also hoping to organize some readings and performances from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Nights Dream”.  We’ll light the barbeque so people can bring & cook their own food and whilst we’ll probably concoct a “Pagan Punch”, we’ll invite folk to bring their own booze too. And of course, the Camp Full Monte sound system will be pumping out some great toons!  So we’re looking forward to dancing the night away.

It would be really cool if people decided to fully immerse themselves in the Full Monte life for a night (or two) and camped with us under the stars. Our normal camping rates will apply.



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Yoga_mastheadIs naked yoga becoming more mainstream? Recent UK articles in the Independent, Daily Mail and a significant increase in the number of social media streams dedicated to naked yoga suggest that it is. Likewise, it’s not uncommon to hear yoga enthusiasts admit that in the privacy of their own home yoga is far more enjoyable when naked.

We’ve always thought that the relaxed, clothing optional, community atmosphere we try to create in our natural setting at Camp Full Monte would make it a perfect venue for yoga workshops, clothed or otherwise. Indeed we’ve had plenty of guests who have taken themselves off to a quiet spot on-site to go through their daily routines.

So we thought we’d get some bare facts from the world of the yoga enthusiast to gauge demand for retreats or workshops. We were surprised by the level of popularity but were frankly horrified at the sums being charged (and paid) to participate. It seemed that clothes weren’t the only things being ripped off.

So we set about trying to come up with a way to offer a yoga retreat to those on a low budget or those yet to be convinced that naked yoga is for them. In our, perhaps naive view (neither Denise or I know too much about yoga), we got to thinking that all that we need to do is to create the space and time on the campsite so yoga practitioners & devotees could come together at Camp Full Monte as a community and largely organize their own workshops.

What an opportunity then, when Aimee applied to be a volunteer!  She’s a yoga enthusiast staying with us for a week from 7th June to 14th June. Although not a licensed yoga teacher, she’s interested in facilitating yoga sessions for volunteers and guests during her stay. So, now we’re contacting friends and past guests who are qualified yoga instructors, to share our vision of a clothing optional yoga themed week at Camp Full Monte for those on a budget.  Are you interested in joining us?

We won’t charge a premium for this – yoga will simply be the theme for the week. Participation would be optional (though we’d definitely be up for giving it a try) and our normal camping rates would apply. Together with our volunteer we’ll facilitate one or more yoga sessions a day – still leaving time for visitors to see plenty of Montenegro during their stay.

It’s really cool that this week coincides with a full moon on the 13th June so no doubt there will be a barbeque party and maybe some howling at the moon!  What a great introduction to Camp Full Monte for any newcomers…

There are several low budget airlines now offering routes to Podgorica in Montenegro and nearby Dubrovnik in Croatia. If you’re interested in joining us between the 7th & 14th of June for this event please contact us via We’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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