The month in which…

… we hosted a ‘Go Green Yourself’ event, including a tour of the eco faciltities and the organic garden:

June - eco tour

Eco tour, led by Steve

and I ran workshops on how to make your own eco-friendly cleaning & beauty products (see posts here, here and here for recipes!)

June - go green

The teacher & her pupils!

2 local artisans set up displays of their products during the event too:

June - Tonja soaps

Tonja’s beautiful display of organic & eco friendly products

June - soap display

Selling soaps!

… Annie came to stay!  It was a pleasure to have her with us again and she was such a fantastic help in what turned out to be a hectic month.  Her arrival coincided with Hayley’s birthday and between us girls we cooked up a fabulous Thai feast that any restaurant would be proud of:

Hayley bday

I managed 1 morning on the beach with Annie and my first swim of the season but sadly was too busy for much socialising off-site whilst she was with us.  Here’s a rare moment of us relaxing together:

June - relaxing with Annie

June - Annie

Annie at her happiest… eating!! (And catching up with Laura)

… we got not just one but 2 tables made, sanded and varnished!

June - sanding table

Den sanding the first table top

June - patio & table

First table finished! Proudly showing off the newly sewn and dyed cushion covers on the chairs too…

June - patio & tables

Two fabulous tables complete!

…we finally got the massage tent permanently set up – the platforms resting on concrete pillars, the chipboard platforms covered with plastic and then vinyl covering to make them water-proof and comfortable to walk on.  It’s been a favourite spot for our current guests, Philipp and Franziska to do their yoga and exercise routines…

June - massage tent

… we had volunteers from the US, from Turkey, from Canada and from Australia join us.  Here’s some pics of them in action:

June - platform pillars

Steve with Corey and Burak

June - James

James – putting vinyl feet on the tables for extra protection

Art 5

Matt varnishing rocks with Freya during Art Week


… we ran our first proper Art Week!  Click this link for details…

It culminated in an Art Exhibition and Summer Solstice Party however the weather was not on our side.  The art had to be hurriedly brought inside and although we did manage to BBQ & eat al fresco, we had to decamp to the kitchen and put the bottle windows in pronto, as the rain started lashing down and a huge electrical storm raged all night.  The weather put most people off but our loyal close friends stuck by us.  The evening was made particularly special by the appearance of Jura and his cajon.  Jura volunteered with us 4 years ago when he came to visit from Novi Sad.  He now lives & works in Montenegro so we invited him to the party and to see the changes on the campsite.  He made the 3.5 hour bus ride despite the crap weather and it was SO great to see him again.  He got everyone drumming and dancing!!

June - cahon

Den on the cajon with Jura instructing!

June - jura & us 1

… The garden flourished:

June - peas

Piles of peas

June - first tomato

Our first tomato! Funny shaped & delicious

June - first courgette

First courgette

The flowers look & smell amazing and the sweet peas have been a particular triumph so far this year.  Sadly I don’t have a picture of them in situ but here’s some from the daily harvest:

June - toms & peas

… I found the simplest & most effective way of sprouting beans (here’s the link to the tutorial) and we’ve been enjoying freshly sprouted moong (or mung?) beans all month.

June - sprouting beans… Business started to pick up.  We’ve had some super guests from the UK, Wales (via Nigeria), Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Hungary, New Zealand, Russia & Turkey visit this month.  Here’s a few of them at the first Full Monte feast on the new table!

June - first feast at new table

… our wild cherry tree fruited for the first time!  We shook the branches onto plastic, caught the fruit (a few kilos!), boiled it and made juice:June - cherry picking

June - wild cherries

… the weather remain unsettled!  There have been more storms and rainy days than we’d like this June and the task of running & covering everything up at the campsite is getting tedious.  Still it has alleviated the watering task!  And provided the right circumstances for some reading time.  I’ve read Marvin L Zimmerman’s book this month:

Marvin Zimmerman BookA romping good read but clumsily written and the premise a bit too weak & wacky for me.  I started to read Sebastian Faulks’ ‘The Fatal Englishman’ which documents the lifes of 3 Englishmen who had amazing promise but died young.  I got as far as reading about Christopher Wood, a famous painter apparently and decided that non-fiction was not for me right now.  I’m currently devouring ‘This Far, No Further’ by John Wessel and loving it!!!

… Steve & I celebrated 16 wonderful years of marriage!  Here’s what we used to look like!!!

June - wedding annivAnd for those of you concerned about Daisy – she’s on the mend and SO much better!  BIG sigh of relief.  Now she’s on tablets for a further 5 months and we’ll get her blood tests at the end of that time to see how well the disease has been suppressed.




The photo story of our first Art Week…

Art wk 1

The art teacher, Nikola, preparing materials for the first art class – paper stretched over wooden frames, stuck & textured with flour & water


Art wk 3

Kristen joined us as our model for life drawing class

Art wk 2 Art wk 4

Art wk 5

Art wk 6

Everyone who came to Art Week painted a rock – here are the first few…

Art 1

Steve sat as a model for the portraiture class… it was the first chance he had to sit still & read a book for months!

Art 4

Jan joined us on the last day for some crafty fun in the sun. Here she is displaying the incredible things she makes by felting

Art 9

Kids loved the ‘wet felting’ process

Art 15

Freya & her personal soap holder made by wet felting

Art 23

Cecile is the Tetra Pak Queen!

Art 19

Here’s a few of us learning how to make bowls & wine coolers from recycled tetra pak boxes

Art 22

Here’s Nik demonstrating how to make a wallet from tetra pak…

Art 26

The kids had a blast, painting rocks and then painting their bodies… time to shower off with the stream-water hose!

Art 33

Portraits by Nik…

Art 29

Art hanging around the campsite for the exhibition

Art 32 Art 27

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